Doing business remotely works!

In the early stages of setting up Cloud Accountants, I wanted (needed!) a website that was not the norm in the accounting profession. I was after something fresh, and easy on the eye! For too many firms in the profession, their websites are too wordy, and did not (to me anyway) reflect what current and potential clients required to see from their accountant’s website.

The types of clients that Cloud Accountants wants to engage anyway.

Being a big fan of Xero, and because I religiously follow the Xero blog, I came across website developers, Mogul, and liked what I saw.

Clean and fresh websites, and being able to give them an (almost) free license to develop a website for an accounting firm that was not your typical accounting firm, George and the team accepted the challenge!

The true test was that I am in Auckland and they are in the Hawke’s Bay.

Excellent (I thought), this will be a challenge.

To this day I have not met the Mogul team in person, but they have still managed to build (in my opinion!) an amazing website.

I personally believe that, in this age of the internet and online services that are readily available across numerous service industries, your geographic location should not be a barrier to doing business. As long as you have access to the internet, you can communicate across Skype and other mediums. You do not actually need to meet face to face.

And by using Xero, the online accounting system, you can access your financial information anywhere, anytime. But more than that, Cloud Accountants as your advisers, can offer you advice on your financial information, whether you are in Auckland, Taupo or Invercargill!

Thank you the team at Mogul for proving that business can be done remotely!