What do you do with your weekends & weeknights?

Over the next few weeks I will give some insight into how Cloud Accountants operate with their clients, and how technology and systems, can change the way, you too, can run your business for the better. I hope you enjoy!

So what do you do? It may sound like a personal question….and maybe it is!

Do you relax by playing/watching sport? Spend time with the kids? Maybe DIY is your thing? Read or go to the movies?

These are the activities that you should be involved in, doing the things that you want to do!

But for many small business owners, they are spending their spare time preparing quotes and invoices, processing their business transactions and accounts, or at GST time – spending the whole weekend going through receipts and processing their data!

All small businesses (and freelancers and contractors for that matter) need to create efficiencies in their transaction processing, invoicing and dealings with the tax department!

The technologies are there (Xero, Smartpayroll, Workflowmax, Unleashed, and many many more) for you to make the financial part of your business life a breeze, and leave you free to do the things that you want to do. This could be the suggestions above or working more on growing your business.

Now there is a thought!

For many, the online world can seem a pretty scary place. Cloud Accountants can step you through the process with ease.

It is time to take back some control!

Next up – Transparency