Transparency, along with working smarter/being more efficient in your business (see our last Blog here), is another key aspect of doing business with Cloud Accountants.

There are 2 parts to this:

  • Transparency when it comes to your financials
  • Transparency when it comes to your accountant


Do you know how your business is performing right now? In real time?

The technology is available now for you to keep a constant eye on how you are going. And now, not in 3 or 6 months time. This is important for your business so you can take the necessary steps now to change if you need to. If you find out that there are problems occurring in your business, it may be too late!

This also impacts on your cashflow and tax projections and keeping on top of your IRD obligations.

Because you will be connected constantly with your accountant, they should be advising on a regular basis. Analysis of aspects that are important to your business so there are no surprises!

Your Accountant

Do you have a clear and predetermined scope of engagement with your accountant? And also agreed timeframes on work?

You should do!

At Cloud Accountants we provide a clear proposal for engagement that is specific to our clients’ individual needs. We make sure that we take the time to outline exactly what is involved so that there are no surprises. (We don’t like surprises!)

It is made crystal clear that anything outside of this agreed monthly fee will be estimated and billed for separately. This way our clients know exactly what they are getting and when they will be getting it.

Our clients value the transparency and honesty, and they thank us for it.

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